Welcome to samwaynescott.com

This website acts as a resume, reel, portfolio and blog, all in one.

A little about myself, I’m a senior majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee and a proud native of the Volunteer State.

I’m a video producer, journalist, and writer. I have work experience that includes working with the University of Tennessee Athletics Department, the Tennessee Smokies Baseball team, and Simple Bulldog Studios, a filmmaking company affiliated with cru, an international college ministry.

As someone who is in the midst of discovering a love for video production, I do not believe I will ever stop being a student of this field and I think that’s one of the aspects of it that I enjoy.

At the University of Tennessee Athletic Broadcasting Department, I’ve worked side by side with industry professionals. Learning and working with them has allowed me to cultivate my skill and passion for production and honestly just making cool stuff.

I’ve always loved sports. The opportunity to make a living in the sports world is something I have always dreamed of. Growing up in Tennessee Volunteers country has given me an admiration for football, but at the age of 10, I became a Chicago Cubs fan and have since grown more and more in love with America’s past time as well. These days I can watch and enjoy just about any sport.

I believe that every piece of work that I put my name to should be reflective of the commitment and amount of effort I place into it. That desire for perfection, I believe, is a key element of what I have to offer as a video producer. But I also hold myself to a very high standard and refuse to allow myself to feel as if I have “arrived.” I always believe there is something to be improved upon.

I define myself and my “life’s work” not by the work that I do or the things that I make. What matters to me is people. Video production is a collaborative art form. It is the opportunity to invest and be invested in and call that a career.

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